Boss TU-10 Blue

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The BOSS “TU” line is synonymous with reliable, roadworthy and accurate tuning.

Today, the world’s most famous tuner prefix gets “clipped-on” with the debut of the TU-10. Reinventing the traditional image of clip-on tuners, the TU-10 offers a stylish design and robust body with high-performance features derived from other BOSS tuners, such as Accu-Pitch, flat tuning up to five semitones, and Stream mode. A unique feature — the “true color” LCD — provides a full, multi-color visual experience not seen before in other clip-on tuners. In addition, the reflection-display function dramatically improves visibility.

Proven BOSS quality and reliability in a clip-on format
Dramatic advancement of visibility with unique “true” color LCD and reflection-display function
Accu-Pitch function, flat tuning up to 5 semitones, and Stream mode
Stylish design and robust body
Available in a variety of colors

Tuning Range C0 (16.35 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz)
Reference Pitch A4 (436 to 445 Hz)
Tuning Accuracy +/- 1 cent
Display Mode Cent display, Stream display
Flat Tuning Regular to 5 semitone lower
Power Supply CR2032 lithium battery x 1

Dimensions 2-7/8 x 1-5/16 x 2-1/2 inches (73 x 33 x 62 mm)
Weight Weight (including batteries) 1-5/8 oz (45 g)
Ref. Euroguitar : 55857
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