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The Allen & Heath CQ-18T is a compact digital console with 18 channels, Bluetooth, and a 7" touch screen.

The CQ-18T is a compact, rack-mountable, intuitive and efficient digital mixing console, featuring 18 channels powered by the brand's powerful 96 kHz FPGA processing circuit. With its small footprint and weighing only 3 kg, along with numerous mixing aids dedicated to both musicians and sound engineers, the CQ-18T is ideal for home studio recording, streaming, small concert mixing, or conferences. The power and audio quality of the brand's flagship products.

The experience and expertise of Allen & Heath in designing high-level mixing consoles, deployed on numerous events with the Qu, SQ, Avantis, and dLive ranges, is unquestionable. The CQ-18T, an ultra-compact 18-input (with Bluetooth) digital mixing console with 8 outputs, inherits this unique expertise by offering musicians and sound engineers the power of Allen & Heath's famous 96 kHz FPGA technology and new intelligent tools and effects to achieve high-quality mixing with ease. Don't miss out on your mix anymore.

The CQ incorporates numerous assistive tools to make your mixing experience even more enjoyable. Acting as guardians of your sound, the Gain Assistant saves you precious time by automatically and precisely adjusting preamp gain, avoiding unpleasant peaks and clipping in your signal. Meanwhile, the Feedback Assistant helps you find and remove feedback frequencies during the Fixed mode configuration, and then monitors at-risk frequencies throughout the show on all outputs during Live mode. For easy management of debates and conferences, an Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) is available on each input, enhancing clarity and intelligibility of the discussion.

A flexible and intuitive control interface.

Whether you want to directly control your mix from the control room or remotely control it to better appreciate your sound, the CQ-18T is here for you! Its physical interface, centered around a 7" multitouch screen combined with a multifunction 360° encoder, 3 Smart Rotaries encoders, and 3 customizable SoftKeys buttons, gives you complete control over all aspects of your mixing.

If accessing the console is complex or if you want to listen to your mix from a different point than the control room, Allen & Heath offers two free applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS: CQ-MixPad to control the mixing console from (almost) anywhere, and CQ4You for independent control of each musician and performer's personal monitoring.

- Cantidad de canales de mesa de mezcla : de 10 a 22 canales
- Additional Specifications:
- 16 microphone/line preamps, 8x XLR + 8x combo XLR/TRS
- Balanced stereo input, 2x TRS
- LR main output, 2x XLR
- 6x monitor mix outputs, 6x TRS
- 2x assignable headphone outputs, 2x 6.35mm TRS
- USB-B interface 24x22
- SD recording/playback 24x22
- Stereo USB recording/playback with dedicated input channel
- Stereo Bluetooth playback with dedicated input channel
- 4 FX assist engines
- 3 customizable SoftKey buttons
- 3 Smart Rotaries rotary encoders
- Dual footswitch input
- 7-inch touchscreen with associated rotary encoder
- Built-in dual band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi with automatic channel selection
- Weight and dimensions: 3 kg, 346 x 242 x 88 mm
- Ref. Euroguitar : 108279
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