Yamaha PSR-E383

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The PSR-E383 is an arranger keyboard offered by the Yamaha brand.

The Highlights of the PSR-E383

  • Touch Response feature that allows you to fully control the dynamics of the sound.

  • 650 different instrument sounds, including the grand piano.

  • Comprehensive lesson functions make your playing and practice more authentic and enjoyable.

Key Features of the PSR-E383

Expressive Playing Pleasure

By pressing the keys firmly, the sound intensifies, while a delicate touch makes them soft and subtle. This expressive touch response feature highlights the slightest nuances of your performance. Additionally, a wide range of instrument sounds, such as pianos, guitars, basses, percussion, and many more, along with a multitude of built-in songs, enhance your playing pleasure.

Improving While Having Fun

This keyboard offers structured lessons in 3 stages, designed to adapt to your personal level. You can choose to practice with just your right hand, left hand, or both hands, using the built-in songs. Additionally, you have the option to repeat the same phrases as many times as necessary to perfect your playing. Furthermore, our system evaluates your practice sessions, providing valuable feedback to improve your skills and make your training even more rewarding.

Chord Simplification

By simply playing the root note of a chord (or the full chord), the robust Style functions automatically add rhythm, bass, and accompaniment notes to perfectly harmonize with the chords you play. This allows you to play effortlessly as if accompanied by an entire band. Additionally, the Auto Accompaniment Playback function allows you to automatically generate musically appropriate chord progressions, expanding your musical horizons.

Expert Reviews

  • User-Friendly: With its intuitive interface and intuitive buttons, the Yamaha PSR-E383 is easy to use, even for beginners. You can quickly access a variety of sounds, styles, and functions to enrich your musical experience.

  • With its compact and lightweight design, the Yamaha PSR-E383 is easy to carry and set up, making it the perfect companion for rehearsals, concerts, or simply playing at home.

650 tones, 260 Styles
Dynamic Touch and 48-note polyphony
125 built-in songs, easy songbook (available for download on the web)
Super Articulation Lite Tones
Reverb, Chorus, and 41 types of DSP effects
26 harmony effects
152 types of arpeggios
Brand-new "Auto Chord Play" function for style
"Keys to Success" function with various lesson activities
Duo Mode
USB Audio Interface/USB Audio Recording
Battery operation (6xAA)
Ref. Euroguitar : 111363
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