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Pushing the boundaries of the sound of high-end arranger keyboards (more commonly called 'Workstations'), our new flagship product, the Genos2 now incorporates the legendary DX7 FM technology, 'Ambient Drums' kits cutting edge and Steinberg's famous REVelation reverb effect!

Style Dynamic Control lets you play with the energy and dynamics of the 800 built-in styles, bringing a new musical dimension. With the new brighter, anti-glare screen and live control LEDs, the features of the Genos2 combine to give you an incredible music experience.


With over 1,900 highest quality tones and 800 styles with One Touch settings covering a wide range of musical genres, you'll be instantly inspired to play your favorite songs or even create new musical ideas and compositions. Over 250 new styles reimagined for you as a bonus to existing styles that have been completely updated to use the new tones and effects.


For the first time in an arranger keyboard, the energy and dynamics of all accompaniment styles, including user-specific added styles, can be adjusted using a simple Live Control knob. If you want your backing band to play at a pianissimo level, a fortissimo level, or any level in between, you now have a choice.


The drums themselves are the backbone of any rhythm section. With the new Ambient Drums kits and using a single 'Live control' button, you can choose between a punchy, dry and percussive percussion sound or a more spatial, more distant sound, offering endless possibilities for playing drums. your Accompaniment Style.

In Arranger Keyboards, reverb is used on Voices, Accompaniment Styles, MIDI Songs, Multi-Pads, and Mic Input.

That's why the introduction of Steinberg's REVelation reverb effect will have a real impact on the sound of the Genos2. The REVelation reverb effect has extremely high resolution, resulting in a transparent and natural sound, making it the ideal partner for an arranger keyboard where the reverb needs to work across a wide range of tones, styles and even effects vocals.


The Genos2 features a dual-engine sound generator, with not only AWM technology, but also FM synthesis. The FM had a rich, dynamic sound and incorporated Yamaha's legendary DX7, an instrument that defined the sound of the 1980s.

- Cantidad de teclas : 76 teclas
- Tacto : tacto semiligero
- 1,991 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits
- 800 Styles, including 200 brand new Styles
- FM and AWM dual engine tone generators
- Ambient Drums, Style Dynamics Control function
- REVelation Reverb
- 6 assignable knobs with LED gauge, 9 assignable sliders with LED gauge
- 9 assignable buttons, 3 articulation buttons
- 3GB on-board memory for expansion data
- 15GB internal memory
- FSX keyboard, Initial Touch/Aftertouch
- 9-inch color touch screen with anti-reflective coating
- Chord Looper function
- Mic input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
- Playlist and Registration for quick and easy set up
- Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder functions
- Voice and Style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
- HDMI port for external display or tv
- 3 USB TO DEVICE terminals
- USB Audio Interface
- Wireless LAN *may not have this functionality depending on the country
- Bluetooth Audio *may not have this functionality depending on the country
- Ref. Euroguitar : 109101
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