Vs audio Platinum Overdrive Preamp

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The VS AUDIO Platinum Overdrive Preamp compact effect pedal excels in generating the legendary Marshall© Silver Jubilee® amp tones that will take you to another era.
Just like the original amp it features two channels, Rhythm for a wide range of clean sounds up to creamy crunch and Lead for full throttle juicy solos.

VS Audio is a young and promising greek brand (2016) that secures the country's reputation on the boutique pedal market (alongside Crazy Tube Circuits, Jam Pedal, Dreadbox, or Tsakalis AudioWorks).
Its founder Panos Sotiropoulos was an electronics engineer in the aerospace industry. His proficiency in research and developpment, high grade components sourcing and production allows him to offer top notch, smart and reliable effects.
VS Audio excels in the faithful reproduction of reference amplifiers.

- VS AUDIO Platinum Overdrive Preamp
- Vintage amp tones voiced after the iconic Silver Jubilee® amp
- For guitar
- Compact effect pedal
- Designed and hand-built in Athens, Greece
- 2023
- All-analogue electronics audio signal path
- Input Gain to control amp-like overdrive ranging from sparkly clean to fully cranked saturation
- Powerfull Bass, Middle, Treble tone stack to tailor the overall character of the sound
- Presence toggle switch to adjust negative feedback or boost high frequencies
- Compact stainless steel enclosure, true bypass, & silent relay switching
- True Bypass
- Works with optional 9VDC (curent draw 100 mA)
- Does not operate on battery power
- 65 x 120 x 45 mm
- 550 g
- Ref. Euroguitar : 108270
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