Vox amPhones Twin

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Plug your guitar or bass on a Amphone and play! These helmets boarded technology amPlug to give you a guitar or bass sound quality. They are built by Audio Technica, synonymous with quality, and operate a new track inspired by the Valve Reactor technology found in VOX amps. The result is a full and very dynamic. Analog design simulates the response of an amplifier.

- Bluetooth :
Equipped with a 6.35mm jack for easy connection to any guitar or bass.

When the power is off, the Amphone can be used as traditional headphones offer sound quality that you would expect from VOX.

Auxiliary input lets you play along with songs on your mp3 player or any other source.

Adapter jack / mini jack provided.

This Amphone will give you a clear very typical American.
- Ref. Euroguitar : 24369
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