Lewitt CONNECT 6

285.00 €
Su tienda

36 rue Littré, Lille
del Lunes al sábado
10h-12h30 & 14h-19h

Teléfono : 03 20 88 85 85


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- Dsp : sí
- Dual USB-C audio interface for creators and musicians
- Powerful on-board DSP for routing, mixing, latency-free effects (Compressor, 4-band EQ, Expander, Maximizer) and monitoring
- 2 studio-quality preamps with crystal-clear sound, 72 dB gain and a very low noise level of -133 dBV EIN
- 2 independent headphone outputs powerful enough to feed any studio headphones (1/4" & 1/8")
- Full audio integration of mobile devices with USB-C charging (Apple MFI certified - designed for iPhone, iPad / Android)
- Auto-configuration selects the optimal settings for your voice or instrument for easy recording
- 2 balanced speaker outputs (1/4")
- 1 stereo speaker output (3.5 mm)
- 1 stereo auxiliary input for additional audio devices (3.5 mm)
- 3 virtual stereo tracks for custom audio routing
- 1 loopback track to digitally record your computer's audio
- 2 independent mixes with built-in Maximizer (controlled via a single knob)
- ASIO drivers included
- CONTROL CENTER software for Mac and Windows
- Cubase LE and Cubasis LE licenses from Steinberg included
- 1 USB-C to USB-C cable and 1 USB-C to USB-A cable included
- Ref. Euroguitar : 104303
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