Fender Pro Junior IV - Fiesta Red

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Fitted with a Celestion Greenback 10" speaker and dressed in Fiesta Red, the 15-watts all-tube FENDER Pro Junior IV (2231306392) combo amplifier for electric guitar, is perfect for home practice and studio recording !

Long-revered by all players, the 15-watt
Pro Junior IV adds a modified volume circuit (which breaks up more gradually, allowing precise
gain adjustment to make tones that range from
immaculately clean to devilishly mean, and
offering tighter bass with improved definition when overdriven), and a classic tweed appearance to this workhorse
amplifier. A compact and straightforward tone
machine, this amp is ideal for performing
guitarists who need great tone and remarkably
touch-sensitive dynamic response.

- FENDER Pro Junior IV
- SKU 2231306392
- All-tube elctric guitar amplifier (2x 12AX7, EL84)
- Open combo
- Hot Rod Series
- 2018
- 15 watts
- 1x 10" Celestion Greenback G10
- 1x channel
- Spring reverb
- Solid-state rectifier
- Volume, Tone
- 1 instrument input
- Footswitch input
- Height 14.5” (36.83 cm)
- Width 15.25” (38.73 cm)
- Depth 8.75” (22.22 cm)
- 22.85 lbs (10.36 kg)
- Fiesta Red
- Optional cover Black 0054913000ou Brown 0047484000
- Ref. Euroguitar : 86772
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