Dynaudio CORE 7 - por unidades

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36 rue Littré, Lille
del Lunes al sábado
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- Acondicionamiento monitor : por unidades
- Color de monitores : negro
• Hand-crafted
Designed, developed, tested and made in Denmark. All the drivers are hand-made at Dynaudio HQ and each speaker is individually calibrated before it leaves our factory
• Advanced DSP
Simple to use, but incredibly powerful, it lets you tailor Core 7 for any listening environment
Core’s DSP optimises performance for positioning, sound balance and bass extension
• Power to spare
Each driver has its own dedicated Pascal Class-D amplifier: 500W for the woofer and 150W for the tweeter.
• Esotar Pro tweeter
Dynaudio’s already legendary high-frequency driver has been redesigned and re-engineered for high-performance professional use
• All-new drivers
Designed and made in Denmark using our world-class Jupiter measuring facility
Tweeter - 1”
Woofer - 7”
• Extreme consistency
All Core speakers are within 0.2dB of each other for multi-speaker set-ups you can trust
• Connectivity
Analogue and AES3 digital inputs
Maximum 24-bit/192 kHz
Depending on input signal
• Maximum SPL *
112 dB @ 1 m anechoic, 118 dB half space
• Crossover frequency
2300 Hz
• Frequency response *
38 Hz – 24 kHz - 6 dB
44 Hz – 21 kHz +/- 3 dB
• Principle
Front-loaded bass reflex

* Maximum SPL measured using band-limited pink noise, 6 dB crest factor, 80 Hz – 8 kHz in Jupiter (our state state-of-the-art measuring room)
- Ref. Euroguitar : 86545
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