Yamaha Seqtrak Orange

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Unleash your creativity wherever you are with SEQTRAK, the ultimate music creation station. The lightning-fast workflow lets you quickly capture your ideas, then create original music using its two versatile sound engines. When you're ready, connect with your fans with powerful performance features and easy connectivity.

SEQTRAK has everything you need.


Batteries. Synthesizers. Sound design. Sequencer. It's all included. With a range of features, all integrated into a compact, lightweight design, SEQTRAK lets you start producing right away, wherever you are. It incorporates everything you need.


The extensive SEQTRAK library contains over 2,000 presets. Here you'll find a vast collection of sounds designed by
professionals - from rich pianos to vibrant synths and hypnotic drums. More sounds will be available with updates to the SEQTRAK app.


Capture your own sound samples with ease. SEQTRAK's sampler offers seven sound slots
and a variety of effects, letting you shape and transform your samples with ease. Speak a phrase, tap a spoon or record your favourite pet.
Then customise to create polished tracks, all in high-quality 44.1 kHz/16-bit format.

A lightning-fast workflow

SEQTRAK simplifies idea capture with a clear three-part user interface and convenient controls
controls. You'll produce your music without having to search through menus or wait for start-up times. Capture
moments of inspiration and unleash your creativity in no time.


With its compact size, lightweight design, built-in speaker and microphone, and rechargeable battery, you can take SEQTRAK anywhere - from the studio to the stage to the sofa.
No need to worry about power sockets or tangled cables. Create, play and share your music, anytime, anywhere.
anytime, anywhere.


Double your creative potential with two versatile sound engines. AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) offers an impressive
impressive 128-note polyphony and specialises in authentic sounds such as pianos, strings and guitars, while the
guitars, while the four-operator FM engine produces superb synth pads, leads, FM electric pianos and much more.
FM electric pianos and much more. Plus, SEQTRAK includes powerful effects for the perfect sound.


Take control of the stage with SEQTRAK's powerful performance features. Create arrangements on the fly
on the fly by combining tracks and patterns, remixing rhythms and activating/deactivating tracks in real time.
Add sparkle and shine to your music with global effects, then control these sounds live as you play.


SEQTRAK's advanced sequencer makes composing, arranging and playing back music tracks intuitive and fluid. Thanks to its ergonomic interface, you can easily navigate and control various parameters, such as tempo, swing
swing and settings for each track.


In the included SEQTRAK application, you'll discover an intuitive graphical user interface that lets you quickly dive into each track and shape your sounds with precision.
Editing includes a comprehensive set of features, including envelopes, filters and effects manipulation, so you can
allowing you to fine-tune your compositions with meticulous attention to detail.


The SEQTRAK app features a Visualizer mode that transforms your music into a captivating visual experience. You'll bring your music to life with stunning visuals perfectly synchronised with your tracks.
Customise and adjust patterns, motion effects and more, just the way you want them. There's even an Augmented Reality (AR) mode that lets you integrate 3D virtual objects into real live video.

- Bluetooth MIDI: Connect wirelessly to the SEQTRAK application and viewer for greater convenience and mobility.
- Wi-Fi: Transfer WAV samples wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables.
- MIDI In/Out: Connect to other hardware synthesizers, MIDI controllers or a computer, expand your sound options and enable integration with external devices.
- USB-C: Make a single cable connection for MIDI and stereo audio to a computer, simplifying setup and streamlining workflow.
- AUX input: Connect drum machines, synthesizers and other external sources to expand and diversify your sound.
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