Steinberg Dorico elements 3.5

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VST Expression Maps: smarter, richer expression maps provide greater control over today’s sophisticated sample libraries [Pro/Elements/SE]
Figured bass: the most sophisticated support for figured bass of any music notation software [Pro/Elements/SE]
Pitch before duration input: quickly and easily try out ideas on your MIDI keyboard before committing them to your score. Ideal for Finale Speedy Entry users looking to add Dorico to their toolbox [Pro/Elements/SE]
Guitar notation: extended support for hammer-on, pull-off, tapping, vibrato arm scoops, dips, bends and dives [Pro/ Elements/SE]
Chord diagrams: add a grid showing the chord shapes used in your flow below the title with a single click [Pro/ Elements/SE]
Condensing for divisi: it’s now simple to have beautiful multi-staff divided parts and for the conductor’s score to show a single, correctly labelled staff [Pro]
Beams: more flexible beaming, including beams that start and end with rests [Pro/Elements/SE]
Instrumental parts: create additional instrumental parts in different transpositions, making it easy to provide parts for flexible ensembles [Pro/Elements/SE]
Music XML export: expanded MusicXML export, making it more practical to exchange music created in Dorico with users of other software [Pro/Elements/SE]
User interface: customise the colours used for the page and the background behind it, improving accessibility for users with accessibility needs [Pro/Elements/SE]
Hollywood-style parts: add extra blank staves to fill the page with a single click [Pro/Elements/SE]
Keda Indian Drum Basics: sounds for tabla, dhol, dholak and pakhawaj [Pro/Elements/SE]
Notate and create complex musical pieces with ease
Fast, flexible workflows
Ideal for teaching and learning
Unrivalled musical intelligence
Beautiful, modern design
Players in the project: 12
Clef presets: 7
Bar numbers: Single format
Key signatures: Up to 7 flats/sharps
Notehead presets: 30
Page numbers: Automatic
Playing techniques presets: 220
Operating systems (Windows): Windows 10 (64-bit)
Operating systems (Mac): macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave
CPU minimum:64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core
CPU Recommended:Intel i5 or faster
RAM minimum:4 GB
RAM Recommended: 8 GB
Hard disk free space:6 GB
Ref. Euroguitar : 95609
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