Koch Startrooper - black

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Koch Startrooper - black

This unique tone monster features independent volume and gain controls for both the normal (Clean) and Overdrive (Lead) sections and a Channel 2 Boost which finishes off the trio of channels. The shared EQ section (Bass, Middle, Treble) can be further sculpted with the Contour Switch, allowing either a bluesy, mid-heavy classic rock tone, or a scooped, modern and heavy rock sound. The Star Trooper comes with a two button foot-switch that has another unique feature. The left button switches between the Normal and Overdrive Channels, but the right button can be set up to switch either the Channel 2 Boost on/off, or the Reverb on/off, allowing you full control over your sound…right at your feet! Further features include the Dimmer Control which acts as an attenuator to allow you real tube saturated tube tone at any volume, front mounted Reverb control, 4/8/16 Ohm Speaker Outputs and Speaker Emulated Direct Output with Passive Filtering. Finally, there is a buffered effects loop to allow the addition of your favourite pedals or effects units. The Star Trooper was designed as a rock player’s amp, with as much tonal control and flexibility as possible in a compact, lightweight combo. From the round and warm clean tones through the punchy, dynamic and over-the-top overdrive channels, the Star Trooper delivers pure rock and roll.

Combo 45W con tecnología TR y control dimmer
2 válvulas 12AX7 para la preamplificación y la potencia
3 canales controlables con footswitch clean, overdrive y high-gain overdrive
2 reglajes independientes del gain y del volumén
Ecualizador 2 bandas con switch contour
Salidas altavoz 4, 8 y 16 ohms
1 altavoz 12" Koch VG12-90
Bucle de efecto
Salida emulación de altavoz con filtro pasivo
Reverb de tipo resorte
Footswitch 2 botones incluido con selección del canal, gain boost o conmutador reverb on/off

Dimensions 540 x 460 x 260mm
Poids 18.5kg