Tc-helicon Play Electric

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Complete vocal path including Tone, Harmony, HardTune, Reverb, Double, Delay, μMod (chorus/flange, etc.), and Transducer (megaphone/distortion FX)
Global Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-ess, Gate & Pitch Correction
Note-perfect Vocal Harmonies using Auto Chord Detection from guitar input
2 Voices of NaturalPlay Harmony, plus 2 voices of humanized Doubling
TC Electronic guitar FX with styles from Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus
Dedicated Guitar and Vocal FX access/edit buttons
Wide choice of guitar amp emulations from VoiceLive 3, including “No Amp” setting
Separate vocal and pro-quality guitar outputs or stereo mix
Different amp settings per preset or global lockdown to one
Low-noise Mic-preamp
VLOOP™ performance looper for vocal and/or guitar with undo and redo
Simple effects customization with styles and icons
RoomSense microphones for monitoring and practicing
Key/Scale harmony mode for setting specific song keys via the footswitches
Plug in and practice with your mobile device via AUX or stream tracks and record over USB including a Vocal Cancel function
Navigate factory presets by Genre and mark Favorites
USB for audio streaming and connection to VoiceSupport, our free app for firmware updates, preset management, and tips & tricks
Compatible with the MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone and Sennheiser e 835 fx microphone with Mic Control
Optional Switch-3 for additional performance control
Headphone output
Ref. Euroguitar : 37586