M-audio Hammer 88 Pro

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- Cantidad de teclas : 88 teclas
- Tacto : tacto contrapesado
- Feel: Graded Hammer Action - Heavy with progressive ballasting
- Key format: piano
- Display: OLED
- Category : Master Keyboard
- Entries : Expression pedal, Sustain pedal, Midi, Attenuation pedal (x2)
- Outputs: Midi, USB/Midi
- Software provided : Ableton Live Lite, Velvet Air Music Tech, Xpand!2 Air Music Tech, DB-33 Air Music Tech, Mini Grand Air Music Tech, ADSR, F9 Instruments Beats Edition, Laniakea Sounds, MSX Audio, BOOM Air Music Tech, MPC Beats, Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition, Vacuum Air Music Tech, MPC Beats Production Kits
- Controller: 9 sliders, 8 potentiometers
- Power supply: USB, DC 9 V
- Compatibility: PC, Mac
- Dimensions (mm): 1422 x 282 x 127
- Weight (kg): 18.50 kg
- Velocity Sensitive: Yes
- Bluetooth: No
- Aftertouch : Yes
- Sequencer: No
- Arpeggiator : Yes
- Backlit Pad: Yes
- Transposition: Yes
- Bluetooth Midi: No
- Velocity sensitivity of the pads: Yes
- Number of pads: 16
- Number of faders: 9
- Number of potentiometers: 8
- Number of keys: 88
- Additional Specs: - 88-key Graded Hammer Action keyboard with aftertouch and programmable zones.
- 16 programmable RGB backlit, velocity-sensitive, programmable pads with Note Repeat for beats.
- 8 programmable knobs and buttons to control your virtual instruments, mixing plugins, or drive a DAW
- 9 programmable faders to drive virtual instruments, plugins or faders of a DAW
- DAW and Preset buttons for controlling auto-mapped DAWs and plugin settings.
- Smart Chord mode for playing enharmonic voices or custom chords
- Smart Scale mode eliminates false notes, making it easy to create a perfect song
- Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controls
- Ergonomic pitch and modulation wheels,
- USB-Midi connection, 5-pin MIDI inputs and outputs for connecting external MIDI devices.
- Intuitive interface and OLED display for quick parameter editing.
- Includes lectern, MIDI editing software and a complete set of production software.
- Ref. Euroguitar : 97855
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