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Using revolutionary one-piece injection moulded technology, LAVA ME 2 Freeboost (PNK) compact acoustic/electric guitar offers an outstanding level of natural performance.

Combining the strongest and most efficient mechanical structure utilising extensive acoustic simulation based design. Each honeycomb section has a different height and thickness based on its mechanical function, generating extraordinary sound with every pick stroke. The curved honeycomb structure of the Breathenet Sound Board provides a consistent and clear sound which resonates through the carbon fibre body of the LAVA ME 2.

The structural geometry of the FlyNeck was achieved by tracking the different forces on the neck during the shifting of positions whilst playing the LAVA ME 2.
The neck profile was designed to ensure the FlyNeck would fit your individual playing style without you noticing it.

The Plek PRO machine is the most advanced guitar fret machining system on the planet. Designed to ensure the best string action available, this state of the art process removes any potential intonation issues and allows the Lava ME 2 to have an advanced level of playability and sound quality straight out of the box.
After simultaneously scanning the surface of the fretboard whilst simulating the strings tension, it then cuts the frets with an accuracy of 0.01mm.
Plek Pro's high accuracy cutting assists the LAVA ME 2 in achieving it's exceptional tone and comfortable playing position.

The all new technology on the L2 Pickup allows the back of the guitar to be utilised as a speaker.
Turn on the pickup anywhere, anytime and play freely with built in REVERB, DELAY and CHORUS, all without the need for any cables or an amp.

- Acústica / electroacústica : electroacústica
- Cantidad de cuerdas en guitarra acústica : 6 cuerdas
- Color de guitarra acústica : rosa
- Guitarra acústica modelos : dreadnought
- Para diestros / zurdos : para diestros
- LAVA MUSIC LAVA ME 2 Freeboost
- SKU LA-0010
- Compact / short-scale acoustic/electric guitar
- 2021
- Unibloc one-piece injection moulded structure ("Breathenet Sound Board" honeycomb top)
- Can handle temperatures from -20° to 90° and humidity levels from 10% to 90%
- FlyNeck with structural geometry
- HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) fretboard, 18x Plek Machine frets
- Scale 597 mm (23,5")
- Nut width 42,9 mm (1,69")
- Auto-amplification Freeboost system with L2 pickup (the back of the guitar works as a speaker)
- Built in REVERB, DELAY and CHORUS without the need for any cables or an amp (dedicated controls)
- HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) bridge
- Custom aluminum tuners, 21:1 ratio
- Tusq nut
- LAVA MUSIC Ideal Bag 2 included
- Ref. Euroguitar : 97080
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