Korg Volca Modular

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Teléfono : 03 20 88 85 85


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- Tipo de expansores : analógico
- Semi-modular monodic analog monodic synthesizer with digital effects
- Source module with a triangular wave VCO, a frequency modulator sent in a wave folding circuit to generate harmonics
- Woggle module: a random signal generator with a pink noise Sample & Hold circuit, with two outputs
- Dual LPG module: two low-pass gate circuits with one amp
- Stereo Space Out Module for a reverb effect
- Functions Module: two envelope generators ADH and Rise-Fall which allows it to be used as a VCO or LFO
- Split module: sends an input to two outputs, can also be used in the other direction to combine two audio or control signals into one
- Utility Module: An audio mixing and control module that combines two signals in different ways and provides inversion and attenuation functions
- Sequences module to connect the internal sequencer, with tempo and time division settings
- Touch keyboard
- Sequencer with 16 patterns and 16 steps, with the possibility to chain the patterns
- Headphone output on mini-jack
Sync input and output on 3.5 mm mini-jacks
- CV input on TRS mini-jack
- Power supply on optional mains or 6 AA batteries
- Dimensions: 193 x 115 x 39 mm
- Weight: 377 g
- Ref. Euroguitar : 85184
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