Jim dunlop Marcus Miller DBMMS45105 Super Bright Electric Bass Strings 45-105 - juego de 4 cuerdas

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JIM DUNLOP Marcus Miller Super Bright Bass Strings DBMMS45105 (45-105) for 4-string electric bass long scale.
Marcus Miller, with his groundbreaking style and trademark sound, has created a unique musical voice whose influence on modern bass players is unequaled. For decades, Marcus has refined and strengthened that voice not only by cultivating his technique but also by embracing innovation and employing the best tools available.

When Marcus felt the need to evolve his strings, he came to Dunlop. Starting with our new Super Bright formula, we worked closely with him to develop strings that perfectly complement his sound—crisp and cutting with a big fundamental and powerful low end. "I finally have a set of strings that clearly translates what I hear in my head," Marcus says.

Like all Super Bright Bass Strings, Marcus Miller Super Bright Strings provide lighter tension for superior response to playing nuances, and the silky smooth feel of each string provides superior playing comfort. With extra-long life and exceptional string to string balance, these strings allow the natural voice of your bass to come through.

- Acondicionamiento de las cuerdas : juego de 4 cuerdas
- Calibra : light
- JIM DUNLOP Marcus Miller Super Bright Bass Strings DBMMS45105
- 4-string set for electric bass
- Stainless steel
- Long scale
- 45 - 65 - 85 - 105
- Ref. Euroguitar : 78167
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