Fulltone Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV MKII

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The FULLTONE Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV MKII effect pedal is the smallestyet biggest sounding "real vintage Univibe clone."
It's one of the biggest sounding 'vibe ever made or heard, bar none, yet is totally green, only drawing 35mA of current, meaning it can also be powered via 2 x 9CVDC outlets on your pedalboard multi-power supply by using the Voodoo Lab PPY "series voltage doubling cable."
The mkII has an expression pedal out jack should you need it, and still with no ICs and using only full-size Capacitors throughout the entire audio path. It's 100% Analog, you can't get this sound out of the flavor-of-the-minute Digital pedals using a $3 DSP chip. You need 13 transistors, 4 x correct resistance and response photoresistor, a real & correct incandescent light bulb, and 30 years experience...you need the Fulltone CS-MDV mkII

- FULLTONE Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV MKII
- Stereo Tremolo Pedal double circuit + clean boost
- Custom Shop Line
- 100% hand-made in USA
- 100% analog
- Exact copy of the legendary Vintage 60s Univibe
- Switch Modern Vintage and Vibrato/Chorus
- Volume, Intensity, Speed
- External Pedal jack allowing the use of virtually any expression pedal (10K, a 50K, 100K)
- True Bypass
- Powered by optional 18VDC (current draw 35mA)
- No battery operation
- (W x D x H) 100 x 110 x 65 mm (3,94" x 4,33" x 2,56")
- 525 g
- Manual : https://www.fulltone.com/sites/default/files/documents/CS-MDV%20mkII_%20manual%20_non-flat%20RGB%20%2809-21-2018%29.pdf
- Ref. Euroguitar : 84932
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