Cameo Ts 60 W RGBW WH

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The Cameo TS 60W RGBW WH is a projector for theaters.
-Very versatile with a plano-convex lens and manual zoom for easy adjustment of the focus. Delivering a soft-edged beam with an angle ranging from 9 ° to 41 ° continuously, the RDM is equipped with a single 60-watt RGBW LED for a powerful illumination of 19,800 lux at 1 meter distance.

The DMX features of the projector include an adjustable flash rate flash strobe from 1 to 20 Hz and a selection of dimming curves. Sound activation and built-in automated programs allow stand-alone operation, while the 3,600 Hz refresh rate ensures flicker-free performance. The TS 60 RGBW WH comes in a robust metal housing with efficient convection cooling. It offers a 4-button display for easy setup, 3-pin DMX connectors and IEC power input. The assembly includes a rotating barn door forming a bundle and a color filter frame.

- Compatible dmx : sí
-Product type PAR LED spotlights
-Interior type
-RGBW color spectrum
-Number of LEDs 1
-Colour temperatures 3600000 K
-60W LED type
-Reference frequency 3600 Hz
-Beam dispersion 9 ° - 41 ° / (Field) 16 ° - 49 °
-DMX input 3-pin male XLR connector
-DMX output 3-pin female XLR connector
-Protocol DMX Protocol 512 USITT
-5 channel DMX modes
-MDX features color macro, CTO, Dimmer, RGBW, Strobe
-DMX Wireless No
-Stroboscope fast 1 - 20 Hz
- Autonomous modes Programs Auto, Slave Mode, Sound -Control, Static
-Settings Low, Enter, High, Mode
-Indicators LCD screen
-65 W power consumption
Mains socket for cable with earthed connector (type E / CEE 7/7)
-Material housing Die-cast metal
-Color white box
-Chilling Temperature controlled fans
-Temperature of use 0 - 40 ° C
Illuminated light 19 800 lux at 1 m
- Ref. Euroguitar : 77713
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