Cameo Steam Wizard 1000

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the Cameo Steam Wizard 1000. Developing the Steam Wizard series can create spectacular effects.

It produces consistent, dense bursts of water-based fog with an adjustable length of up to 4 meters that are lit by triplets of red, green and blue LEDs for dramatic scenes and rich colors.

It is a high speed vertical fog machine that is a perfect choice for DJ, mobile disco.

the Steam Wizard 1000 allows both grounding and easy installation. It can also be mounted horizontally, with a power of 800 watts and a high performance pump to ensure a constant output with only 8 seconds warm-up time between the jets.

The LEDs indicate the operating status and the liquid level. The automatic shutdown function prevents damage to the pump when the fluid reservoir is empty. The Steam Wizard 1000 is controlled via DMX in 4-channel mode or with the supplied remote control with illuminated buttons and rotary controls for easy visibility in the dark.

- Compatible dmx : sí
- Product type Fog and wind machines
-Type Fog Machine with LEDs
-power 800 W
-Output volume 150 m3 / min
-Fluid tank capacity 2.5 l
-Consumption of Fluid 50 ml / min
-Number of LEDs 9
-LED color spectrum RGB
-Type of LED 3W
-Connector Remote XLR connector male 5 points
-Remote cable length 10 m
-Remote functions color change, continuous operation, duration, Interval, LED brightness, manual control, output level.
DMX input 3-pin male XLR connector
DMX output 3-pin female XLR connector
-4-channel DMX modes
-DMX Functions Color Change, Color Fade, Color Jump, Dimmer, Output Level, Strobe
-Entry Settings, Mode, Value Down, Value Up
-Indicators display 4 characters LED
-Voltage 230 Volts / 50-60 Hz
-Fuse F5AL / 250V
-Electric power consumption 1000 W
-Embase IEC mains, female
-Material metal case
-Color black box
-Width 405 mm
-Height (mm) 200 mm
-Length 310 mm
-Weight 9 kg
- Ref. Euroguitar : 78268
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