Cameo Multi fax bar

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The Cameo multi fx bar is composed of 5 lighting effects. the Multi FX Bar Cameo is an all-in-one solution for mobile DJs, solo artists and bands.
It consists of two PAR FLAT projectors, two LED Derby effects and a Grating laser, for a complete lighting solution,
What to ensure, at each show, lights rich in colors, rotating light rays throughout the room, the effects of intense stars, and effects of strobe and black light.
Thanks to its built-in stand, the Multi FX Bar is easy to install and immediately ready for use. It offers several control options: display + 4 integrated user keys, DMX, wireless pedal, or infrared remote control delivered. The Multi FX Bar has 46 fantastic Auto Programs, and the Music Control feature provides a fantastic light show that takes advantage of the 5 built-in effects.
The Cameo Multi FX Bar comes with a sturdy bag, ensuring easy transport; it connects easily in cascade, for effects even more spectacular.

- Compatible dmx : sí
-Product type: LED light effects
-Type: LEDs / strobes / lasers
-Spectrum of Spot Colors: RGB + UV 12W
-Number of LEDs: 12
-Dark effect color spectrum: RGB
-Number of LEDs Derby Effect: 6
-Type of LED Derby Effect: 3W
-Wavelength Laser Effect: red diode (650 nm), green diode (532 nm)
-Number of Laser Effect Diodes: 1 x red, 1 x green
-Power Diodes Laser Effect: red 150 mW, green 50 mW (DPSS laser)
-Laser class: 3R
- Laser extinguishing (safety function): connector for external emergency switch, switch
-Spectre Colors Strobe: white
-Number of Strobe LEDs: 4
-Type of LED strobe light: 3W
-DMX input: 3-pin male XLR connector
-DMX Output: 3-point female XLR connector
-DMX modes: 2 channels, 29 channels, 5 channels
-DMX Features: Derby, Laser, Auto Programs, Sound Sensitivity, Strobe
- Standalone Modes: Color, Auto Programs, Sound Programs, Slave Mode
-Settings: Low, Enter, High, Mode
-Indicators: 4-character LED display
-Mains voltage: IEC input and return base
- 120 W power consumption
-Fusible: T3.15A
-Maximum operating temperature: 40 °
-Material case: Metal
-Color box: black
-Cooling: Fan
-Dimensions (W x H x D)
1100 x 60 x 60 mm
6.6 kg
-Other properties
Angle of attachment, corner for structure and lock connector for optional emergency switch mounting, Infrared, Key switch with 2 keys, cordless battery powered 12 volt 23AE
- Ref. Euroguitar : 77677
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