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the MOVO® BEAM 100 is a powerful high-speed servo projector with a well-defined 5.5 ° beam.
Thanks to its 1000 Hz refresh rate, this projector is perfect for use in film and TV sets.

Its Osram 60 W LED allows for rich RGBW color blends, with saturated primary colors, subtle pastel hues and natural shades of white.

It is surrounded by a crown of RGB LEDs cut into 4 controllable segments allowing a multitude of effects of spectacular rays.

It has DMX control and amazing automated modes.
Its high linearity dimmer (4 curves available), its high frequency stroboscope and color temperature correction completely top performance.

The compact composite housing of the MOVO® BEAM 100 is equipped with fan cooling, ensuring high reliability of operation and longer life of the LED. Comes with omega support, allowing many possibilities of fixation.

- Compatible dmx : sí
-Product type LEDs
-Type LED lyres effects
-RGBW color spectrum
-Number of LEDs 1
OSRAM 60W LED type (life time: about 50,000 hours)
- 1000 Hz refresh rate
-5,5 ° dispersion angle
DMX input 3-pin male XLR connector
DMX output 3-pin female XLR connector
-Modem DMX 15 channels, 4 channels
- DMX Fade Color Functions, Color Jump, Color Macro, Color Ring Macro, Color Ring Macro Speed, Dimmer, Dimmer Color Ring, Dimmer Curve, Dimmer End, PAN, PAN UNLIMITED ROTATION, Pan / Tilt Fine, Pan / Tilt Macros, Pan / Tilt Speed, Auto Programs, RGB Ring 1-4, RGBW, Strobe Color Ring, Strobe, TILT, TILT UNLIMITED ROTATION
-Movement of unlimited PAN / 540 °
-TILT movement unlimited / 270 °
-Self-mode static modes, Auto programs
-Entry Settings, Mode, Value Down, Value Up
-Indicators 2.5 inch TFT screen
-Mains voltage 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
-130 W power consumption
Header socket power input and return base -blue and white
-Material case Metal, ABS plastic
-Color black box
- Cooling Fan
-Sparkling light 157000lx @ 1m
-Luxury light 1480 lm
-Width 210 mm
-Height (mm) 299 mm
-Depth 210 mm
-Weight 5.2 kg
- Ref. Euroguitar : 78076
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