Yamaha DTX 400 Kit

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Batería electrónica completa YAMAHA Dtx 400 kit.

Snare: pad 7.5 "
Tom: pad 7.5 "
Floor Tom: pad 7.5 "
Bass drum: controller silent KU100
Charleston pad 10 "
Hat controller: open / closed / foot splash, and also functions as a double bass drum pedal
Cymbal crash: pad 10 "
Ride cymbal: pad 10 "

Dimensions unfolded: 650 x 1100mm (26 x 44 inch)

A realistic experience of the battery with a kit compact electronic
Silent bass drum controller to play anywhere KU100
Charleston simple control
Large cymbals and hi-hat 10 "
Pads 7.5 "designed for a very good playability and ultimate reliability
DTX400 Module with 169 high-quality sounds
10 preset kits (can be changed)
10 training features interactive with voice guidance
10 pieces to practice (and new ones can be downloaded via USB)
Metal rack strong and stable
Scalable: add an additional cymbal crash
Snare 3 zones, real bass drum pedal and hi-hat controller evolved available
Ref. Euroguitar : 24243
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