Palmer - Pedal de switch A/B Palmer PEABO Balanced Line Output Switch -
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Palmer PEABO Balanced Line Output Switch

Pedal de switch A/B
Espacio Palmer
Palmer - Pedal de switch A/B Palmer PEABO Balanced Line Output Switch -
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Marca : Palmer [Efecto Palmer]

Especificaciones técnicas :
The Palmer PEABO is a balanced switcher with one input and two outputs. This makes it the perfect choice for routing a signal to one of two different inputs.

Onstage, switch your vocal mike between FOH and monitor mixing desk so you can communicate with the monitor mixer or the band in private.
Two different sound configurations. Suppose you sometimes want a different effect or sound on your microphone, for example, a "telephone effect" or more Hall. Run both outputs of the PEABO to two channels of the mixing desk - now you can configure these differently and toggle between the two channels onstage whenever you want.
You can also use the PEABO to address two different rooms or zones selectively.
Switching is controlled by a sturdy latching foot switch; the selected output is indicated by a red LED. Slide switches make it possible to select various attenuation levels (6, 15 or 21 dB attenuation) individually for both outputs. A ground lift helps to avoid ground loop hum.

Housed in a solid metal case with extended edges for optimum protection of the in- and outputs. Pre-drilled holes permit simple and secure mounting in a rack or on a pedal board.

The PEABO's strictly passive circuitry means that it requires no power supply at all. A 9-volt block battery is only required to power the LED.

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Palmer PEABO Balanced Line Output Switch  
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