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Aguilar Tone Hammer

Pedal para bajo
Espacio Aguilar

Aguilar - Pedal para bajo Aguilar Tone Hammer -
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Marca : Aguilar [Efecto Aguilar]

Nuestra Opinión Aguilar Tone Hammer . This preamp/direct box is so strong and powerful it could only be called the "Tone Hammer"! Based on the respected OBP-3 preamp, the Tone Hammer® features fully sweepable midrange frequencies in addition to bass and treble controls. With the Tone Hammer's pristine D.I. you are set for the studio or the stage.

To give this tone shaping unit the ultimate flexibility we are introducing our proprietary Adaptive Gain Shaping circuitry (AGS). AGS allows the player to kick in an additional gain structure and EQ with the "stomp" of a button. You can now go from modern slap sounds to vintage or overdriven. 18 volt operation gives the Tone Hammer® plenty of headroom to reproduce the most dynamic playing style. Separate Gain and Master controls allow you to dial in just the right gain structure for any instrument.

Especificaciones técnicas :
The Tone Hammer® is the essential preamp/direct box for every bassist's tool box.

Pre/Post DI
Unbalanced output can drive a power amp
AGS circuitry
Cut and boost of treble, mid and bass frequencies
Fully sweepable midrange frequencies
Powered by two nine volt batteries, phantom power or optional universal power supply
Ground lift switch
Heavy Duty steel construction
Inputs: One 1/4" jack
Outputs: One 1/4" jack, One XLR (nominal output - 14 dBu balanced)
Bass +/- 18 dB @ 40 Hz
Mid +/- 17 dB @ 180 Hz to 1 kHz
Treble +/- 18 dB @ 4 kHz
Ground lift switch
Pre/Post DI switch
Engage switch
AGS switch

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